We’ve built our reputation on creating amazing experiences for our customers. However, equally important to us is the experience we create for our people. Yes, we work hard, but we also always make sure to have fun. And when work doesn’t feel like work, you know you’re in the right place!


Our mission is to help our customers shine by delivering amazing experiences. We provide creative solutions to drive business opportunities and generate brand equity.


Integrity, trust, passion, excellence, diversity and social responsibility. These are core Nytro values.


English, Swiss German, German, Spanish, French, Slovakian, Czech, Bulgarian, Albanian, Romanian, Russian.


We are a group of diverse professionals with creative brains, killer technology skills, and a keen drive for generating business results! We are typically pretty modest but when it comes to our combined expertise in marketing, there's no other team that can deliver like Nytro Marketing!

Tom Pfister
Jaime Salazar
Pablo Motl
Meghan VanSpriell
Olivia Falkenstein
Karina Keil
Snezhana Todorova
Monika Rezna
Mercedes Jaime
Paulina Cardenas
Marilu Rojas Gante
Micaela Serra
Katherine Capeluto Doodle
Inga H Doodle
Jana Leidner
Alexandra Schrauth Doodle
Daniel Neubert Doodle
Sabrina Holland Doodle
Emily Andreeva



If you share our mindset, let’s talk. We’re always on the lookout for smart and ambitious people that believe that what we do isn’t so much a job but a way of life. Why have just a J.O.B when you can have a creative experience? The Nytro family that you’ll interact with daily will challenge you to think harder, and be more creative – all while loving what you do. Think you’ve got what it takes to work with us? Contact us today.

Job Opening in EMEA: Marketing Consultant

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Nytro Marketing Team at FKOM
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